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When choosing Isis Dance Academy, you are able to be placed in a class that best fits you! Choose from the following classes that IDA offers:

Choreography & Technique Classes

Beautiful Beginner*
In this class, you will learn the basic technique of traditional bellydance moves. At a slower pace, you will be taught a beginner choreography which will highlight what you have learned! Look below at our Beautiful Beginner Package!

Immaculate Intermediate*
In this class, you will further your technique and learn more advanced bellydance moves along with learning how to layer the moves into beautiful combinations. You also will be taught more advanced choreographies and have opportunities to perform within the community if you so desire.

Amazing Advance*
In this class, you will be considered one step away from entering the performance Troupe and serve as an alternate to paid performances. You will learn the most advanced techniques and drills to prepare you for your goal of being apart of the Elite Isis Troupe. You will collaborate with the Intermediates and Troupe members for performance shows. You will also be presented with the opportunity to teach the art to any beginner and intermediate class if need be and so desired. 

Elite Performance Troupe (Audition only)
In this intense class, you will be expected to be the face all of all paid performances and shows. You will learn the in depth culture of the many styles of dance and have the opportunity to receive payment for your performances. You will collaborate with the advanced class members for performance shows and act as a mentor for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. You will also have the opportunity to teach the art to any beginner, intermediate, or advanced class if need be.  

BellyDance Workout & Speciality Classes

​(Offered periodically or by request)

Belly Boot Camp*
In this workout class, we combine bellydance and circuit training in order to get the best workout and burn those calories! Bellydance and today's pop music will be incorporated into the dance workout and keep you moving for continuous 60 minutes. 

BellyDance Technique*
In this class, the traditional bellydance movements are broken down and internalized in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the movements. In this 60 minute class, more 1 to 1 attention is given to where any and all questions can be answered to ensure your bellydance competency!

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for everyone with the IDA instructors. Private lessons are available in hour increments and serves as a supplement to improve and further your overall dance technique. 

Our group classes are 60-120 minutes long. With the choreography classes, you will learn the history behind the style of dance which aids in understanding the power of the art form. Private lessons with IDA instructors are $60 per one hour.

All Class are held at the following studio (Please See Map Below):

Evergreen Theatre
1705 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104



Call us at 901-352-0540 and/or email and talk to one of our qualified instructors to reserve your spot in our classes.  We want to see you soon!

  *Must have at least 5 students in order to hold a class.